I have not made a new post or a new piece of art recently. But that doesn’t mean I have not been busy. I am doing some volunteering and work at the McClelland Library at the Irish Cultural Center here in Phoenix. I helped coordinate an exhibition and have been working on the graphics there. I first started doing some volunteering in the genealogy department, which I am continuing. It is great fun helping people do family research, and even better when you find something/someone. I feel like I am on “Who do you think you are”, except all my superstars are not famous people, just genuinely nice folks who are searching for a connection to their pasts. I love it.

As far as my work goes, I am always looking at artists and museums for inspiration and ideas and this weekend Jacob and I went to the Phoenix Art Museum to see a show by Paulo Bruscky. It was absolutely wonderful, political and, at times, humorous. I was completely in love with his portraits of people without faces and had to come home and make some of my own. Here they are (mine).