friday: watched a good movie on kanopy about people helping other people called “i’m with phil”. it makes me feel that there is something in people that when times are tough they can stick together and help each other. this all took place in phil campbell, alabama.

the interesting thing is that i found this film randomly while working on the velvet photo album, campbell family.

speaking of the campbell family, this is lydia deafenbough, ok, for all of you genealogy geeks: levi rose deafenbough married nancy masters, nancy masters has a sibling named john taylor masters. he married emma e. campbell. levi and nancy are the parents of barbara, lydia and john deafenbough, all of whom appear in the photo album. emma e. campbell is their aunt.

here’s where i am stuck. i can’t place emma e in the campbell line so far, although there are a lot of emmas in this family and i know there is a connection, i just have not made it yet.

note: i ran out of the paper i was using to paint this series on, so i switched to a paper that i have more of. it’s a yellow base and a bit more absorbent. i am not sure if i like working with it yet. how’s it look?

as you’ve probably noticed by now, we are not eating meat. i haven’t had any since before thanksgiving. it’s somewhat political and somewhat that i watched a bunch of documentaries about the meat industry… need i say more? 

lentil soup again. this time with peanuts and feta. it may sound weird, but, really, it’s good.

note: we are still eating eggs and cheese and milk… maybe one day i can give that up too…