it is election day and i am trying to keep my mind off all the hoopla so i made some collages. i wanted to use up some stamps and created “bases” on paper. i took photos of them and brought them into the ipad, where i added roller marks, stencils and vintage flowers. 

my issue now is that my inkjet printer broke, so i can not print small size images, and my laser printer does not have the vibrancy that i want to get out of these. i am looking for a new printer that can take small and thick paper. 

also i tried a set of collages sent to walmart to make postcards from. i was very disappointed. they were dark and very glossy and did not have the weight that i was hoping for. so i am going to collect 25 different collages from the work i have done this year and send them to moo to print on their luxe paper. i think they will come out close to what i want to achieve.