homer, the odyssey, odysseus… ulysses. i like to take characters out of reference and give them new costumes. by that i mean, i like to take an old letter and match them up with old photos. they have nothing to do with each other, but i make them my actors. so now i am turning to ancient greece by the way of buffalo NY, with a copy of all the characters from the odyssey paired up with the greek family, whose photos i bought on ebay, from buffalo. i photograph the photos, then bring them into procreate, and like other works i have been doing, i draw them up and give them a new name. 

i have printed out a list of 25 characters from homer that i will represent with my drawings. i have not decided how i am going to print them, on what kind of paper, will i enhance them with attributes fitting for their role? will i add a crown on zeus, a shield for athena, a trident for poseidon? i don’t know yet… this is just the beginning of the saga.