tuesday: ok, so the collages were sitting here on my table as i tried to think of something clever to add to them. since i love vintage drawings and i was also looking for an easy fix, i decided to see if my printer would print these images directly on them. i found the manual online and yes, i could print on thick paper, and yes it has manual feed. yay. 

i spent some time thinking about what drawing could go with what image. i was on a roll. 

then my printer stopped feeding the paper. it said there was a paper jam, but there wasn’t, i had to open the top and close it again to fool it into thinking i took the paper out. then it ran out of toner. the end of my printing for the day. 

dinner was much more successful. broccoli sauce. i read this somewhere over the weekend (ok, i saw it on pinterest again), but i did not bookmark it so i decided to wing it. 

i boiled the broccoli until tender, and put it in the food processor. i added a clove of garlic, four tablespoons of peanut butter, two quarters of preserved lemon, half an avocado and a teaspoon of molasses, and processed it till smooth. 

in the meantime i sautéed some shiitake mushrooms and boiled some pasta (we were limited to tiny shells due to the scarcity of pasta in the markets). 

that’s it, plated and topped with sesame seeds. it was good.