friday: today i was inspired by someone else’s collages on pinterest (you see i have been trying to curb my habits, i haven’t mentioned this in weeks). they used very simple elements and a limited number of elements, and thus made a nice, clean design. these collages are a test for me in that simplicity.

all of the women’s images come from one magazine, all printed in the year i was born. the stamps from collections i have amassed and those left behind to me by my father, an amateur collector. i don’t know what he would think of my use of the stamps, but i feel they are better served being used in some art than sitting in a drawer in my studio.

i was not originally going to add text but as i looked at these together on the table they seemed to be missing something. that something i decided was text. and so i found a story and promptly cut it up, line by line so that in order to know the whole tale you would have to get all of these collages together to form a whole.

this was inspired by my great grandfather on my dad’s side, who, after some of his children had spread themselves out away from ireland to settle in new york, would send partial letters to each, forcing them to get together, to read the letters and share the news from home.