after making some bracelets and crafty things to sell for my local central phoenix • inez casiano NOW chapter i thought it would be fun to make more bracelets to sell.

i had made crocheted earrings before and wanted to use a lot of the beads that i had, and also that my daughter and friend shared with me, to make some crocheted bracelets. they are little sculptures of jewels to me.

i also have the materials to make personalized bracelets, one i made for a friend that reads ART MATTERS. she loves it.

i made this interchangable necklace featuring tiny portraits of my paintings, including my dad and my yiayia.


sampling of the crocheted bracelets


ΑΓΑΠΗ or LOVE in greek or english.

i have a whole set of greek typeface to make words in greek and also english.


i can make one like this for you with all your family images.