“hazing ritual, 1953” embroidery on paper

thursday: i wanted to try my hand at embroidering on paper. i have seen so many great projects on pinterest (i am at it again) that are so inspiring. what i couldn’t find out was how they can sew on paper without it ripping to shreds. i did not find any instructions online either, and the artists are not revealing their secrets. 

i spoke with my friend, shari, about it and we decided that they must use some kind of fabric facing. i think we are onto something. so she lent me some one sided facing that she had (i love that i have generous friends) and i tried it. 

the facing stuck to the paper perfectly and the stitching was very easy to do after i ironed it together. 


what it looks like on the facing side

“works on paper #49” by hinke schreuders

artist hinke schreuders says her works are paper on linen. i think she may use double sided facing and iron the paper onto both the facing and the linen.

she did reveal that she uses a sewing machine for a lot of the straight line work, and manipulates the images before embroidering on them, making text areas less visible, darkening areas, etc. 

from “sewnnews” series by lauren dicioccio

artist lauren dicioccio seems to embroider on the facing side.