wednesday: i spent most of the day making collages. i could have stopped earlier, but i was motivated by the fact that i wanted to finish listening to my book on audio, the eighth detective.

A thrilling, wildly inventive nesting doll of a mystery, in which a young editor travels to a remote village in the Mediterranean in the hopes of convincing a reclusive writer to republish his collection of detective stories, only to realize that there are greater mysteries beyond the pages of books.

the eighth detective by alex pavesi

goodreads review,

i couldn’t stop listening. i made three series, including this one, i photographed them, i put them on the website… it was 10:30 at night when i was finished with my work, but the story did not end. there was one hour left. i couldn’t listen anymore. i was tired. i will continue this morning. 

this series is a jumble of collected pages from an old sunset magazine. i liked that there were images and maps on the pages that i could cut and paste in assorted ways. these are abbreviated versions of those pages.