monday: what does a bunch of bulls and a few cocks represent? my goal was to depict greed, corporate power, a liar for a president and the downfall of democracy.

i used these vintage images and printed them on a deed that was given to me by mary leto. there were about 8 deeds from milan, NY in poughkeepsie county. most of the land was purchased by one person in the late 1800s and turn of the century, it seemed excessive and as though he was cashing in on other’s hardships.

i found an article called the liar, by henry james in an old book from 1888. it made me think, lying, greed, gluttony, it’s never ending.

i wish i had old maps of NY, but these will do as i promised myself not to buy more material until all is used up.

these are small but carry a big message.