wednesday: an american icon vs a very english one. in our american tale of hero we have dagwood bumstead, disowned by his wealthy family because he fell in love with blondie, a flapper. 

Protagonist Wilfred of Ivanhoe is disinherited by his father Cedric of Rotherwood for supporting the Norman King Richard and for falling in love with the Lady Rowena, a ward of Cedric and descendant of the Saxon Kings of England. 


who would have thought they would have so much in common? this juxtaposition of the comic book idle and the crusading knight is satirical to me.

stamps. my dad’s collection contained stamps from many different parts of the world so when i was working on this idea, i went to look for stamps from england… i could find not a one. did this reflect some sort of northern irish prejudice in his collection? or just a coincidence?

i have my own small envelope of old stamps too and found these in there. added map of london for more english attribution.

note: these comics of blondie where found by my husband under our house in the crawl space. they must have been there for a very long time because the children who once lived in this house are now in their 70s or 80s.