a friend wanted to gift her friend with a short 12 page “comic book” of her life and asked me if i could help with it. i was happy to oblige. since it’s very personal i am only going to post one image here of the raw drawing.

for about half of the book i had photos to work from. for the rest, i composed photos from vintage photos and stock photos to create the “scenes”. afterwards, i added captions and thought/voice bubbles as needed. i also overlaid, in the final copy, an aged filter to give it an authentic aged feeling. all of the drawings were done in procreate on the ipad, then brought into photoshop for some touch ups and placed in indesign for the layout. i printed the book with magcloud so it would have a more professional look.

it was so much fun making the book and learning more about her life. she is going through a rough time with cancer now. i wish her all the best.