well, i have been busy. i took on two new web design jobs, one was something i worked on before for NOW (national organization for women) and one for a great organization called “phoenix jazz girls rising”.

Phoenix Jazz Girls Rising is designed to teach young female musicians the basics of jazz, improvisation, and how to express their individuality through music.

also i have now been painting and collaging, both incorporating water color paints. there is a series called husbands, which actually features women, but the context of the printed page is from a 1950s magazine article “test” to see how much your husband annoys you, and what you could do about it. most of the advise is to change your own behavior to be more understanding, listen, etc…. the other series is from a set of photos that i collected that feature the same people at some kind of corporate dinner party. everyone is all dressed up and looks like they are having a good time. i used water colors over reproductions of the photos on photo paper, size 4 x 6 inches. the original photos where much smaller. i called this series big night, after the movie with tony shalhoub, isabella rossellini, and stanley tucci. i love that movie.